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  • About Us

    Fujian Oukang Co., Ltd.

        Fujian Oukang Co., Ltd. is a cosmetic appliance manufacturer, the company is located in China's historical and cultural city of Fujian Zhangpu.

        Our company has a vast scale, which has 20000㎡ standardized dust-free production workshop. Our company also has new advanced production equipment, excellent R & D and operation team, efficient and high-quality operation efficiency, continuous technological innovation, and perfect product quality control system.The company has established cooperative relations with well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, and won the praise of the industry.

        The company adheres to the values of "customer-centric, striver-based, long-term adherence to learning and self-criticism". With robust R&D and sales capabilities as our driving force,based on solid internal control and management capabilities, and the spirit of striving for excellence, we strive to build the company into a first-class advanced enterprise in the industry.

    Oukang-Group Corporate Cultrue

      1、Oukang-Group View of Culture: Inner Saint and Outer King-The internal world is clear and the external world is smooth.

      2、Oukang-Group Values:Ardour、 Obligation、 Sincerity 、Innovation、Friendship

      3、Oukang-Group Mission: To create value for customers, help employees realize their dreams, build industry benchmark, and continue to give back to the society.

      4、Oukang-Group Vision: Top world famous brand of generator sets

      5、Oukang-Group Business Philosophy: Results oriented and promote Performance culture.

      6、Oukang-Group Talent Concept: Talent is the core value of the enterprise..

      7、Oukang-Group work style: Rigorous and Pragmatic, immediate action

      8、Oukang-Group Code of Conduct: Strictly abide by the regulations, fit our actions to our words


    Foaming assembly line
    Thermostatic baking line
    Constant temperature oven
    Edge grinding unit 1
    Edge grinding unit 2
    Automated edge grinder unit
    Dust-free packaging workshop
    Dust-free, lightproof swing space


    We company holds 15 patents for powder puffs, 11 patents for makeup brushes, and two utility model patents.

    Production Facility

    Product advantages

    The typical appearance of conventional powder puffs on the market: drop, gourds, olives, or with a single cut. The essential criteria for these products include softness and resilience, ensuring a smooth application.

    However, many manufacturers in the market lack innovation in addressing technical issues with their products. For instance, critical technical aspects such as powder absorption testing, water immersion tensile strength, rebound speed, color accuracy, color fading, and color migration remain largely unchanged.

    Our products stand out with distinct features: minimal powder absorption, excellent tensile strength even when soaked, minimal to no color fading or migration, color accuracy exceeding 95%, and an absence of yellowing.

    Technological Innovation

    We have always been at the forefront of the industry in the entire powder puff and bath sponge field. While the world is promoting environmental protection, we began researching plant-based powder puffs in 2017. We also showcased plant-based powder puff products at beauty industry exhibitions earlier.


    1.Powder puff :In terms of low powder absorption and fluffy bounce ,we outperform our competitors;

    2.Plant powder makeup sponge:we launched it earler than peers in the industry;

    3.Plant-based powder puff:When our peers do not have it yet ,we are already producing such products;

    4.Bath sponge:The softness and hardness of the product, the size of the aperture, and the color proximity are basically customized by the customer.

    Research and Developmemt

    Our company first promoted plant-based powder puffs at the 2018 exhibition in Italy.

    Using plant powders like black tea, green tea, coconut shell, and sugarcane, several plant-based powder puffs were developed and received unanimous praise at trade shows and from clients. In 2020, new products including soybean, carrot, aloe, lemon, strawberry, seaweed, mint, pearl, vitamin-C, vitamin-E, and hyaluronic acid have been consistently produced and reordered.