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Product development

Our R&D process involves market research, design, material procurement, sample production, testing, and market feedback. We prioritize quality, innovation, and practicality in all products, using varied production processes to meet customer needs. We continually integrate advanced technology to enhance R&D and production efficiency. Our focus remains on launching high-quality products to sustain rapid development.

Market Sales

Social Media Promotion

We utilize social media platforms for targeted customer outreach and promotion.

Trade Show Marketing

We attend global industry exhibitions to showcase products and technology, expanding our market reach.

Online Sales

We've launched our official website and e-commerce platform for convenient product access and sales via online and offline channels.

Production Process

  • 1、Design and Development:

    We possess an in-house product development team that comprehends customer needs. We iteratively design and develop products using market and customer feedback.

  • 2、Raw material management:

    We utilize premium raw materials, rigorously screened and managed for safety and eco-friendliness.

  • 3、Quality inspection:
    We employ multi-link quality testing to ensure stable product quality through comprehensive verification of the production process and products.
  • 4、Manufacturing:
    We maintain complete production lines with modern equipment, embracing advanced technology and strict process control for consistent product quality. Regular employee training and adherence to standard operating procedures are enforced while continually seeking new technologies and materials for process optimization.

Quality Control

Quality is our core competitiveness. We adhere to ISO9001 standards, monitoring each production stage for compliance. We've achieved success in BRC food standards, ensuring high-quality raw materials and rigorous testing. Tailored total quality management methods for diverse products and processes are coupled with regular audits for continuous improvement to meet customer needs.

OEM/ODM Customization Service Process.